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Dick’s Team Sports HQ App Overview


Welcome to the Dick’s Team Sports HQ App! This app will allow you to view your calendar of events and communicate with other participants and volunteers on your team(s)! 


Downloading the App


In order to download the app, you will want to go to the app store on your phone. You can search for "Dick's TSHQ" or "Dick's Team Sports".

Once downloaded, the app will appear on your phone as Dick's TSHQ. You will log in using the same username/password as the website for your sports organization. You must have an existing account with an organization in order to log into the app. 


Apple App Store



Google Play Store



Navigating the App


Navigating the app will be a little different on each device. For iPhone users, the menu bar will be at the bottom of the screen. 



For Android users, you will see a hamburger icon on the left-hand side of the screen which will reveal your menu. 





The Home icon on the app is the landing page and the first thing you will see when you log in.  The top section will show Upcoming Events. This section will remain static as you scroll up and down the page. 

The bottom section shows Notifications. You can scroll up and down within this section. Any unread notifications will be highlighted in green. 



You can click on any notification to view more information. For example, if the notification relates to a discussion, you will be taken directly to that discussion's reply screen.



To view Settings as well as Logout of the App, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Home screen. 



If you click Notification Settings, you will be able to decide what type of push notifications you want on your phone.




To allow for push notifications on your iPhone you will want to navigate to Settings>>Notifications>>Dick's TSHQ 



To allow for push notifications on your Android you will want to navigate to Settings>>Sound/Notifications or Notifications>>Application Notifications>>Dick's TSHQ.





To view upcoming events for your players, click on the Calendar tab on the menu. The calendar will show you all events for every team that you and/or your players are a part of. The calendar view will show a green dot on the day there is an event. If you click on the dot, you will be taken to that particular event details screen. Also, you will see upcoming events below the calendar. If you click on the event below the calendar, you will also be taken to that event details screen.



Once you have clicked on an event, you will be taken to a specific event page. 



To RSVP for the game, click on the RSVP tab. You will be able to RSVP everyone within your account who is a part of that team. You can also click View All RSVP's to see who else will be attending the event. 

ee.PNG     ef.PNG


You can assign or pick up a task for this particular event by clicking on the Tasks tab on the events page. If a task has already been created, you can claim it. You can also create a new task for someone else to claim. 



Event Comments allows you to message people about a particular event. This message will be sent to everyone on the whole team. This is a great spot to give specific instructions about a game.



Location Information will give you a map of the location. Clicking the map will open up your default map app so that you have directions, quick and easy. It also gives information about location closures, linking to the Field Directory module on the website. 



Weather will give you location weather information based on the address. 






Discussions allow you to communicate with all your teams as a parent or coach. On the landing page, you will see a tab for all teams. Click on the team you would like to communicate with. If you would like to reply to an ongoing discussion, click on that particular message. You can also Create New Discussion if you have something new to say. Discussions will go to everyone on the team


Once you have opened a particular discussion, you can type up your reply and submit. 






Teams will allow you to see everything for a particular team. By selecting a team, you can view just the one team's schedule, roster information, notes, and photo gallery. This section also allows you to message groups of people via text message or email.

To view information for a particular team, click on that team. 



The landing page for that team will show calendar, roster and picture information.

***The team store will only show for organizations that have it enabled on their main site. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the admin from your organization.***



If you would like to email/text people on your team, click on View & Message Roster and then click Message in the top right corner of the page. 


You will be able to choose between Email or Text Message.



You will be able to select everyone you want to include in this message and click Done



This will open the appropriate messaging option based on what you have chosen. 

o.PNG       p.PNG





Tasks allow you to sign up for or create tasks for individual events or a series of events. 

The Tasks page will display all upcoming events for every team within your account. If you would like to see which tasks are available for a particular event, click on the event. It will show you all tasks, claimed or unclaimed, for that particular event. If you wish to claim a task, just click the checkmark next to it. 



If you need to add a task, click Create New Task. If you are a volunteer assigned to the team, you can assign the task to anyone on the team. If you are just a parent you can take the task for yourself or leave it unassigned. You can also decide if you want this task to be for this particular event or all events for that team. 


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